Dean's Message

As the Faculty of Health Sciences, we aim to prepare our students for the changing world with a versatile, up-to-date and quality education, to follow and develop science at national and international level, and to train health professionals who will serve as health soldiers all over the country.

The most important task of Higher Education Institutions is to teach their students the art of being a good person, considering the values ​​of the society as well as knowledge, in addition to gaining the competence to perform a profession. In addition, it is to offer to be useful to humanity by using all the technological possibilities of the age.

Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 30/07/2008 and numbered 2008/13928. Our faculty is one of the most preferred faculties in our country with its undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. We are proud to be in the first place with the highest number of faculty members among the Faculties of Health Sciences. Students trained by our expert and experienced Faculty Members and Staff are now working as administrators and/or lecturers in other faculties opened all over the country; They provide services to our country in units related to their fields.

The main purpose of our Faculty of Health Sciences is to train successful professionals in the fields of health services, based on up-to-date scientific knowledge in line with the needs of the country, educated with devotion with the understanding of being a human being, equipped, trying to be effective and competent in their field, respectful to academic and cultural values. As the Faculty of Health Sciences, with the Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Audiology, Language and Speech Therapy and Social Work Departments, we have a scientific, rational, and humane approach to our country to achieve the goal of being a leading faculty in the creation and development of health policies in our country. will strive for its development and progress.

Health-related research and services draw attention not only to the treatment of diseases, but also to the importance of disease prevention and sustainability of health. This situation highlights the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation activities of the occupational groups within the health sciences in terms of both scientific studies and the service provided.

Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences; Since its inception, it has aimed to train competent professionals and scientists in line with its mission and vision. Faculty of Health Sciences prioritizes lifelong learning and makes a difference with its student-centered education programs.

Our main goal has been to help our graduates become professionals who are sought everywhere with the "Privilege of Being a Veteran" and constantly renew themselves in terms of knowledge-skills and proficiency, together with the Faculty Administration and our instructors, especially the Gazi University Rectorate.

In addition to the theoretical education given in the light of scientific knowledge, the profession candidates who are trained by practicing in different institutions and health sectors of our country are at a level to produce scientific solutions in accordance with the requirements of the age in the field of health.

Our faculty, which is preferred among all health sciences faculties in Turkey and whose graduates are primarily employed in the private and public sectors, continues its activities in line with its goal of being an exemplary and leading educational institution, which is preferred with its well-equipped graduates, scientific studies, and consultancy services. As the faculty, we are excited and proud of the fact that we will add new achievements to our success with our strong academic staff, all our administrative staff, our graduates and new students, whose professional and personal development we constantly support.

I would like to thank our esteemed Rector and the Dean and Deputy Deans who have been the Director of our Faculty so far, and our academic and administrative staff who devotedly work in raising our students.

Prof. Dr. Bülent ELBASAN


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